Can I request a size that isn't listed?

Yes! Of course, if you want a print that's the size of a matchbox or an industrial billboard just send me a message with the print of your choice and the size you'd like, and I will get your print specifically made to order in your custom size, posted to you safely 1st class!

When will my order arrive?

Once you've placed you're order you'll get a confirmation email that we've received it, Bbes does a postoffice run twice a week on a Wednesday and a Friday before 12pm. Gift wrapped and posted 1st class to your chosen address. If you have an order that you'd like to get to you faster, send us a message letting us know your desired date and we will get it to you on time.

How can I become a bbe and get my own bespoke creation and print?!

There literally is nothing more magical than hearing your wonderful ideas and seeing your beautiful faces come to life in the bbe universe. Do you have a vision you want G to create for you? First step; Send a request through the contact form in the menu. In your request include how many people will be in the piece a brief idea of the setting/ theme of your vision and the deadline you will need your piece to be at your doorstep. You will then get a response from the artist of confirmation of your order and a quote for your piece. If you're happy to go ahead, your order will be confirmed and you will get an email letting you know the process has begun, you will then be
required to send over the detailed information you want your piece to include, if you jump over to BESPOKE BBE GUIDE there is a full summary of the details needed for the artist to get your masterpiece perfect for you!