About Bbes Doing Bits

G is based at home with her three Jackuahas; Olive, Willow & Taco, but has travelled all over the UK drawing bright and detailed scenes of focusing often on women in their personal spaces and homes but people across the entire spectrum. From pop culture icons and influencers, completely dreamt up characters and usually an animal cameo here and there for her illustration projects and commissions.

Bbes doing bits has worked for several clients including; SHRINE and Warner Brothers, Pretty Little thing, Miss guided,Darlington Borough Council & Microsoft along with lots of smaller local businesses and entities. Bbes have also featured on many high profile instagrams and homes including Lily Allen, Matilda Djerf, The Proudlocks, Nathan Henry from Geordie shore, Many of the Love islanders Including Megan Barton Hanson & Olivia Buckland & also Host Maya Jama and many more! As well as hosting a large portfolio of private bespoke work.

Bbes trademark bright colours, prints and unique hand drawn digital illustrations are always signed off with an Andy Warhol style banana (can you spot them?). Many of her pieces are based in cosmic dream like, but cosy settings, combined with pop culture the female form, a varierty of different eras of architecture & interiors,music and humour, all lovingly and painstakingly created with pure love and intricate attention to detail for your eyes, home and heart! 
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