Bespoke Bbe Guide

So you've had your order confirmed and purchased your bespoke bbe ( eeek! exciting!). G will now need some extra information from you to create your perfect piece.. so we've complied a guide to help you put together a brief of all the information needed to create the perfect bbe for you! Once you've completed your brief and collected your images email them to and the creation process will begin! 

Sooo I am very good at reading your ideas and bringing them to life without even having to meet you! however I do need reference for your masterpieces in order to make sure your likeness is captured as well as possible! Please send me a selection of photos of the people/ yourself featuring in the portrait ( they can be selfies, group photos, full length, etc) the more photos the better this way I can get a real view of the muses appearance, height, build etc! this applies for Pets too! If you or any other Muses featuring in your Bespoke BBE have any significant marks, freckles /moles, birth marks, scars, piercings, tattoos etc please make sure to get clear photos of these too, also please include your EYE colour, as this can sometimes be very difficult to tell! If yourself or the other muses in the photos have a PUBLIC social media platform, also include there handles/ usernames, as again it helps me to get a real sense of the people in your portrait and their overall aesthetic! - NOTE I don't keep or store any of your photos, or social media accounts and all reference photos are deleted once the piece is complete!


As you'll know my pieces include lots of of detail and nuance to the specific Muse in the Piece, to make your piece as personal as possible please include a list of things you'd think would be significant to the muse(s) in the piece, for example; Favourite food, favourite Album, Plants,Jewellery, trinkets, Flowers, sports etc) ANYTHING you think or treasure can be featured in your piece! No photos needed for this, just a selection of bullet points for each person!


So this is important and can be selected directly from the drop down options below! but please specify which type of background you'd like your portrait to have. For example a PATTERNED background could be; Block Colour, Animal Print, Checkerboard Etc. A LOCATION background takes me ( the artist) a lot longer to perfect, and for me PERFECT BBES are my priority! A location babe can be literally whatever your mind dreams up! wether its your bedroom or on the rainbow road! I can make it happen! let me know which background preference you’d like by selecting the option below, and then specifying your vision in your confirmation email! OR you can leave me to dream up the location for you!

So similar to photos, I need to get a real feel for you and the other muses featuring in your piece, So if you could layout as clearly as you can, what your visions and ideas are the better understanding the artist will have ! If you could include a list of what you want your location or background to be, a little bit about each muse and what they like ( this is often where social media can really help me to get a good sense of the muses vibe and energy for the piece) but also YOU know yourself and your loved ones best, so your details will be the best! A lil list of things that you NEED me to include and things you'd LIKE to include! If its for a wedding tell me about the wedding, if its for a birthday let me know their age and the party they’d love to have!, they love Harry Potter, Pokémon, Tarantino movies? They’re an amazing chef? A budding florist? A fairy? or they love to go hiking on a weekend? mention it all in your brief!

This part is crucial too! Sometimes wording can make or break a piece, and is often the most important part, however there are instances the art does enough speaking and typography can maybe not be needed whatsoever! It’s entirely up to YOU! if you could please include in your brief any wording you'd like to include, it could be a specific song lyric, line from a poem, an inside joke, your favourite quote, a special date! whatever you'd like I can have the wording put in! if youd rather your piece didn't have any wording at all Thats totally fine too just let me know and we won't add any wording! In terms of colours, if you want a specific colour scheme or main colour please state this in your order! You can however leave this totally down to me and I can choose for you! just let me know you want me to pick the colour palette for you in your order!

Getting your portrait perfect for you, is absolute everything to me! I pride myself on making your pieces very personal to you, but I'm still human ( I think ) and sometimes I can get things wrong! Don't worry though, Id rather I got it perfect for you than you be politely unhappy! I don’t get offended ever, so give me your most honest feedback! The harsher and more frank, the more likely we are to get your piece exactly how you dreamed it would be! so included in your Bespoke BBE package are 3 free alterations after we've finalised your piece. Don't love that pink elephant as much as you thought? don't worry we can get rid of him! Your hair looks a lil wild? We can tidy it babe don't worry! If after those changes we still haven't managed to get to where you want, don't worry babes! you can purchase additional alterations in the drop down below!

So each piece from that lil idea in your mind to Your Doorstep can take me up to 3 weeks to cook up the goods! so please make sure to order 4 weeks before your specific deadline date, if you have one to make sure you get your portrait in time for that special date! When you've purchased your piece please state clearly in the subject line, or first line of your email when your deadline / preferred date of completion is, and I will work towards that for you!

the bit you’ve been waiting for!! So with your bespoke BBE package you get the full ownership and use of all your digital files, to use for whatever you see fit, wanna get it blown up and put on a billboard! You got those images babes do it! Fancy getting your mate a mug with your mug on get those bbe files out!! I will email you the High resolution PNG and PDF files once you’re 100% Happy and we've finalised the piece. you will get an; INSTAGRAM/SOCIAL MEDIA sized file  and the file sized to choice of your desired print (A3,A4,A5). You will also get 3 copies of your BBE portrait on 300GSM paper in the size of your choice (A3, A4, A5) signed by the artist, with a selection of small stickers - posted securely and safely 1st class to the address of your choice.

Once I have your brief and photos, il get started!! Within a couple of days you’ll get an initial first draft, that il send over to you to check over and see that I’ve got the right idea and on the right track, if I’m not you’re able to tell me and I can get it changed for you!! - and we can go back and forth like this until you’re happy! Once you’re 100% happy with your portrait il get it printed ready to be posted to your address!